Virginia Autism and Behavior Consulting

Applied Behavior Analysis

VA-ABC's Collaborative Approach

VA-ABC is dedicated to applying the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to help your child reach his/her full potential. Each ABA program is tailored to the individual needs and interests of each child to make learning fun. We believe collaboration between our staff, clients, caregivers, and other involved professionals is the key to effective therapy. With this in mind, VA-ABC is able to offer a unique model based on a team approach.

How can ABA help your child?

Assess your child's current functioning level using skill-based assessments.

Target skills such as communication, age appropriate play, activities of daily living, etc. 

Collect evidence-based data to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention.

Promote the generalization of skills across environments and with parent training.

Services Provided:

Assessments and Evaluations:


Early Intervention Preschool

One on one ABA intervention geared towards communication, play/social skills, and kindergarten readiness skills.

Center Based, In-Home, and Community ABA Therapy:

One on one ABA intervention in group center settings and the child's natural environment, including home and community.

Social Skills:

Incorporates individual child goals into planned group activities and topical social skills lessons.

Parent Training

Training caregivers is an integral part of ABA therapy. Training includes components of the client's ABA program and specific topics upon parent request.

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