Virginia Autism and Behavior Consulting

Occupational Therapy


Collaborative Approach

VA-ABC provides a unique opportunity for OT goals and techniques to be incorporated throughout ABA therapy sessions when applicable.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Fine and gross motor skills development
  • Upper body and fine motor strengthening-pencil grasp, scissor use and more
  • Neurodevelopment facilitation techniques
  • Bilateral coordination skills and balance
  • Activities of daily living training to include: dressing, feeding, grooming, fastener manipulation, utensil use, etc.
  • Visual motor integration/ visual perceptual skills: handwriting

Sensory Integration Techniques:

  • Attention and Organization skills
  • Motor planning and praxis 
  • Body perception and awareness in space
  • Frustration tolerance and coping strategies
  • Sensory defensiveness: auditory and tactile sensitivities
  • Self-esteem, social skills, peer interactions, and challenging behaviors